Analyzing Object Oriented Programming Practices and Programming Strategies


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  1. Learn best practices associated with it.


Over the last decade, object-oriented programming has become an important tool in developing software applications. If you are interested in deriving the maximum benefits of object-oriented programming, then you need to learn best practices associated with it. As a programmer, you might have developed large applications by employing strategies that suited your specific needs. Although you might have met the requirements of the user, the code you developed might not have been designed in the best possible way. In order to create code that is robust, reliable, and easily comprehensible, you need to learn the various programming strategies and identify the ones that are best suited for your needs. In this course, you will describe various best practices for OOP and analyze various software programming techniques.This course is intended for application developers or programmers, with at least 2 years' experience, that want to learn the recommended practices for developing quality software programs.


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