Creating Effective Listings

Consistently, our research shows that the most effective listings are the ones that provide complete and detailed information on the item being listed. This means that you should complete as many of the fields as possible for each listed item.

Before You List Your Item

Think about the following:

  1. What type of learning am I listing? 
    Knoitall gives you the tools to list many different types of learning opportunities, from products to lessons.  And we support a number of different formats, from online self directed learning to face-to-face classroom events. 
    • Video, presentation, or other resource-We allow you to sell all types of online resources as long as they are designed to deliver learning outcomes. When you list this type of learning for sale through Knoitall, we will manage the sale and transfer of funds to your Stripe account. We then give you 24 hours to deliver the materials to the buyer. We track this through the buyer's receipt, which should be scanned by you only after you provide the materials to the buyer. If the materials are not delivered within 48 hours, we are obligated to refund the money to the buyer and will seek reimbursement from you (+5% processing fee.)
    • Lessons & Tutoring - If you offer classes where the consumer is buying a set of sessions at a location that can be taken over a given period of time, we consider this type of learning to be tutoring or ongoing group lessons.
    • Class- If you offer a class at a specific location where the start date and end date are fixed and the start time and end time are also fixed, we consider this to be a face-to-face class. If you offer the same schedule, but in an online environment, we consider this an online class.
    • Product - Learning-related products can be listed through Knoitall. In order to fit our requirements, the product must have a learning outcome or outcomes that are achieved as a result of using the product.
  2. Who will deliver my event?
    If you are delivering a class, lesson, or tutoring session, it is vital that you include as much information on the teacher of the event as possible.  Make sure to include a complete profile of the instructor for your event.  You can do this through your MY INSTRUCTORS tab in your Knoitall account, adding the instructor to your learning center.  Then, when you complete the item description, select the Instructor from the option fields list and his/her complete profile will automatically be added to the event. 

Creating Your Listing

  1. Select the List button from the tabs at the top.
  2. Provide a good title and description – Help people find your listing with a title that's clear, complete, and descriptive. State exactly what the item is designed to teach the consumer (example: Learn to buy and sell stocks for a profit).  You may even want to provide a subtitle for more description that will be seen in searches.  In the description, include as much detail as possible regarding specifically what the user will learn as a result of purchasing this item.
  3. Identify the number of units or seats available for sale – If you are selling a class, identify the number of seats that are available for sale. If you are selling a product, identify the number of items available.
  4. Choose a Price – Find out what others are charging to help set your price for the learning that you are listing.
  5. Tag your item to our taxonomy – Tagging your item helps people navigate through the thousands of items available on the site.  Choose the category that best fits your item.
  6. Add a compelling image that demonstrates what the consumer will learn - We have found that the most effective items have an image that captures the imagination of the consumer.  If you are delivering an art class, show a sample of the art that is created. If you are delivering a math class, show a formula that the student will learn to solve.  Be creative.
  7. Identify Specific Learning Outcomes that the consumer will achieve - Consumers can't see learning in the same way they can review a product. You can help them envision what they are buying by identifying specific learning outcomes that they will achieve as a result of purchasing your class or item.

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.