Listing a Learning Resource

One of the most profitable ways to monetize what you know is by selling access to learning content you have already created. This can be any online content that has learning outcomes, including e-books, videos, slide shows, podcasts, ...

Follow the steps below to package and sell existing learning content:

  1. Log into your Knoitall account
  2. Click on the List button and create a listing for Video, MOOC, Slideshare, or any other form of self directed learning
  3. Complete the listing fields

That's it. You will be notified at the email we have on file for you whenever a consumer purchases one of your offerings. Knoitall will deliver to the consumer a paid receipt with instructions that you will be following up to provide access to your content. You will receive the funds for sale directly through your Stripe account on file in your account settings.

PLEASE NOTE: You have 24 hours to provide the private link to the video purchased. If you do not provide the link within 24 hours the funds will be automatically returned to the buyer.

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.