Buyer Protections

When you purchase learning through Knoitall, you are protected. The rules that we have for sellers protect you in ways that would not be possible if you purchased directly through many of the learning providers who list with us. With every purchase through Knoitall you receive a receipt with a QR code and instructions for how and when to deliver this payment receipt to the learning provider. We provide you with this receipt so that we can confirm that the item you purchased was actually delivered. Depending upon the type of learning opportunity you purchase through Knoitall we will indicate the timing for you to provide your receipt to the learning provider. Once the learning provider has your receipt, they will scan the QR code and Knoitall will be notified that the learning purchased was actually delivered.

For some forms of learning, like ongoing lessons or tutoring, the learning provider may ask that you provide your Knoitall receipt each time you attend. This is so that the learning provider (and YOU) can keep track of the number of sessions attended. For other forms of learning sold, such as a video, you will be asked to provide your Knoitall receipt upon receiving the link to the video.

Didn't Get What You Purchased?

Get the item you purchased or get your money back with the Knoitall Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how to get your money back:

  1. Log into your Knoitall account
  2. Find the item in your purchase history and select return within 45 days of purchase
  3. If the issue is not resolved within 3 days of submitting your return request, let us know.
  4. You'll hear from us within 48 hours
  5. If the seller will not refund your money, Knoitall will step in and refund your money.

Refund Policies for Learning Providers Selling Through Knoitall

Each learning provider who sells through Knoitall has their own refund policies, which will be listed in the purchase details for the item being sold.

Items Not Sold Through Knoitall

Knoitall allows certain providers to list items within our marketplace, but to manage the enrollment for the items within their own sites. This will be covered in the purchase details for the item being purchased. If you link to the provider's site to purchase the item, all refund policies are managed directly by the learning provider and not by Knoitall.

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.