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1-Hour Briefing on Your Educational Programs


Online - Advising


1 session(s)  1 Hours

$ 300.00



You will have the opportunity to educate key EduPlan advisors on your offerings, your target market, and admissions requirements Provide details on each of the programs you are currently targeting to working professionals Learn how EduPlan performs its advising services for employers


In this 60 minute briefing with EduPlan personnel, you will have the opportunity to share the key aspects of your educational offerings. EduPlan personnel will use this information to assist them in advising prospective students on their educational options, and in making recommendations towards specific program offerings. You and your team will have the opportunity to cover the following topics:
  1. An overview of the programs you offer
  2. The delivery formats of your offerings and the flexibility offered in your scheduling
  3. Online, blended, and face-to-face formats, including geographic coverage
  4. Your target audiences for the programs you offer
  5. Program requirements and costs
  6. Financial aid options
  7. Transfer requirements (many EduPlan clients have prior credits, significant work and life experience, and/or military experience)
  8. Key benefits of your institution, your programs, and mission



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EduPlan provides one-on-one educational advising and financial aid advising to adult learners.  Services may include:

  • Assessment of Background and Skills
  • Transcript evauation on former college credits
  • Military evaluation
  • Overview of online or on-campus colleges, based on goals, background and skills
  • cost and time comparisons of several programs

Financial advising will help make the most of tuition assistance, consolidate student loan programs and help with scholarship and grant resources.


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