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UC Berkeley Extension Programs for Corporate and Professional Training

Face-to-Face - Class or Seminar


3 session(s)  3 Days

$ 1999.00



Define, create and successfully complete an innovation program. Lead innovation efforts. Boost innovation skills and prospects. Build and sustain an innovative culture.


The continual push to innovate is felt not only at companies in Silicon Valley but also at businesses across the globe and in all industries. At the startup company or at a more mature business, capturing additional market share through creative innovation drives success. In this intensive workshop, you explore how to build, lead and sustain a culture of innovation. Using an innovation model, you will understand how to increase customer acceptance and scale your business. Gain ideas and methodologies to help you and your enterprise innovate in areas of products, services and work practices. Upon successful completion of this intensive workshop, you receive a certificate of participation.

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UC Berkeley Extension Programs for Corporate and Professional Training

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The cornerstone of any successful business is a workforce of well-trained, efficient employees. Busy professionals benefit from in-depth training to hone their current skills and become fluent in emerging trends and technologies, without a substantial time investment. UC Berkeley Extension's Corporate and Professional Programs are designed to create engaged, productive employees in a format that meets your company's needs, time frame and budget—giving you a competitive industry advantage.


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