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Berkeley Leadership Accelerator

UC Berkeley Extension Programs for Corporate and Professional Training

Online - Class or Webinar


4 session(s)  15 Hours

$ 1.00



Identify core leadership competencies that are relevant to your role. Assess your relative strengths and weaknesses in those core leadership competencies. Develop a roadmap to continue enhancing your leadership competencies throughout your career.


Leadership requires a set of behaviors that you must learn to apply in a way that fits your personality and strengths. How you lead is going to be different from how another person leads: Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. In this online course taught by UC Berkeley Haas School of Business faculty member Frank Schultz you learn selected leadership competencies essential to being an outstanding leader. You are supported in your efforts to develop skills and knowledge through learning activities completed in the workplace and through online course content.

By the end of the course, you emerge with a clear direction for developing your leadership potential.

This online course runs July 1-Aug. 13, 2015, with four live-streaming (synchronous) class sessions: July 8, 15, 22 and 29, 5-6:15 pm PST. These sessions will be recorded for later viewing (asynchronously, on demand). You may alternate between the live and recorded sessions as your schedule permits.


UC Berkeley Extension Programs for Corporate and Professional Training

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The cornerstone of any successful business is a workforce of well-trained, efficient employees. Busy professionals benefit from in-depth training to hone their current skills and become fluent in emerging trends and technologies, without a substantial time investment. UC Berkeley Extension's Corporate and Professional Programs are designed to create engaged, productive employees in a format that meets your company's needs, time frame and budget—giving you a competitive industry advantage.


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