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Community Colleges: An Inexpensive Way to Start Your Degree Plan


Online - Class or Webinar


1 session(s)  1 Hours

$ 11.00



This teleseminar will review the ABC's of getting starting with an undergraduate degree. Community colleges are an inexpensive way to start taking classes, gain a certificate or continue on a degree.
We'll review the ABC's of starting classes at your local community college or an online community college


A = Admission Requirements (How to Get Started)
B = Basics of attending college (Assessment Tests, transferring credits, cost, time)
C = Courses (Group of classes, certificate or associate degree)

A bridge phone number and hand-out will be provided after registration.



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EduPlan provides one-on-one educational advising and financial aid advising to adult learners.  Services may include:

  • Assessment of Background and Skills
  • Transcript evauation on former college credits
  • Military evaluation
  • Overview of online or on-campus colleges, based on goals, background and skills
  • cost and time comparisons of several programs

Financial advising will help make the most of tuition assistance, consolidate student loan programs and help with scholarship and grant resources.


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