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Conflict Management Skills


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When you’re in a leadership position, you’ll find it’s inevitable that conflict will arise, therefore knowing how handle the conflict is essential. The Conflict Management Skills courseware will help you learn how to set conflict management expectations with your team, create a culture that handles conflict successfully, as well as provides the guidance you need to coach others to handle conflict successfully. When you take the time to build your skills to strengthen conflict management skills within the team, you’ll find your team works better with others, is able to deliver great results in a timely manner, and is not frustrated with a challenging work environment, but instead enjoys being part of a cohesive and productive team.


Managers build their own conflict management skills, as well as learn how to coach employees to manage conflict with others. This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: 1. Helping Employees Manage Conflict Learn how to recognize when team members need help managing conflict 2. Help Groups Resolve Conflict Use a mediation process to help groups resolve existing conflict 3. Conflict Management Expectations Create expectations for managing conflict 4. Create a Conflict Management Culture Create a conflict management agenda item to create a conflict management culture 5. Coaching Employees to Manage Conflict Provide employees a process for managing conflict with others Additional Courses These courses are part of the Leading Teams Learning Track. If you’d like to add to your development experience, consider selecting additional titles from this Learning Track: • Developing Work Relationships • Creating Great Teamwork • Conflict Management Skills



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Vado is an e-learning content provider offering bite sized, mobile learning.

Research shows that 70% of development happens on the job, and Vado is the only off the shelf e-learning courseware provider that helps the learner apply learning on the job through step by step instructions and exercises. 

The combination of short videos followed by step by step instructions, help learners put into practice the learning they just completed, which means organization leaders are confident that the transition from learning to application on the job actually happens, and organization capabilities are increased.

Designed specifically with the mobile learner in mind, Vado users are able to review the course content and perform the development exercise when and where they want. Whether it's at their desk, across the hall, or in a totally different location—the Vado course is ready whenever and wherever the learner is ready.


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