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Throughout your course of study, you will acquire the skill sets and strategic insights needed to:

Test content in different markets and measure audience response.

Determine the appropriate level of metadata required for rich media to be findable

Develop content that can be used across multiple platforms

Learn how to measure your content’s impact in different types of systems and organizations


Advance your career with our online Digital Content Management graduate certificate. You’ll learn what it takes to successfully create, analyze, and manage content for companies of any scale, from small startups to established corporations. Our 16-credit certificate program is designed to help professionals looking to learn new skills to stay competitive in content creation and strategy in today’s market.

Your newly acquired understanding of effective content creation and management will help you boost the discoverability of your content across platforms. By learning how to measure content’s impact in different types of organizations, you will be able to develop and modify your stories so that they resonate with the specific audiences you serve.


Emerson College

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Emerson College is internationally recognized as the nation’s premier institution devoted to communication and the arts.  With our online programs, you can take advantage of our expertise and and advance your skills in 12 months or less.  


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