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Getting Started Bike Commuting - Personal Advisor

Bike Commuting Resource Center

Online - Advising

Teen, Adult

1 session(s)  1 Hours

$ 25.00



How to select the best streets for commuting. How to get your bike ready and properly lock it. How to deal with common situations you will encounter. Answers to your specific bike commuting questions. Photo: ZappaWheels.


More people bike to work than ever before. Ever felt like you wanted to try it? This 1-hour interactive session is designed to prepare you for bike commuting. Attend the session and learn the basics you need to get started. 

Key topics include

  • Plan Your Route – safe route options
  • Prepare Your Bike – ensure your equipment is ready
  • Dress for the ride – what should you wear?
  • Commuting scenarios – riding in traffic, taking bikes on the public transit


Bike Commuting Resource Center

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Welcome to the resource center for all things bike commuting. We have curated the best content to help you on your journey as a bike commuter. If there is a video/article that would like to see added the resource center please let us know. 


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