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Knoitall, Inc.

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Knoitall has been founded by seasoned internet veterans who have a passion for building a platform that supports the unique requirements for sharing and for selling learning-related content.  The team has built and sold internet platforms in the past, and has created a unique marketplace platform that can scale to support millions of learning-related purchases.  



Knoitall, Inc.

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Knoitall Celebrates the World's Passion for Knowledge

We provide and support a market network to enhance the lifelong development of every individual and organization.  

Fundamental to Knoitall is our understanding that every member can be both a learner and a learning provider.  We help every user build a personal learning feed that will help you grow in the areas that are important to you. Our community contains thousands of individual instructors, learning providers, and other experts who want to share what they know with their world and with ours.  

We provide a platform that supports packaging what you know so that it can be shared or sold.  Everything from our "Twitter-like" learning posts to individual tutoring, group classes, lessons, and more.  All learning formats can be listed through Knoitall and shared with others who are interested in what you teach.

Learning Engages People Better When Delivered Through a Learning Feed

We believe that social news feeds are engaging.  However, most are filled with content that doesn't enhance the development of the individual.  We are building learning feed technology that will provide the user with a constantly changing feed of learning-related content on her or his topics of interest.  Our goal is to povide the most valuable 15 minutes in a person's day.  We believe we can replace much of the wasted time in a person's day spent on other social networks, and, instead, filll that time with content that will enhance the development of every individual.  

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Our Business Solutions

Through our business solutions, organizations leverage the Knoitall platform to engage and develop their employees and their external audience.  With Knoitall, your employees connect to people, content, and learning opportunities that enhance their engagement and lead to the development of world-class learning cultures.  The Knoitall platform maps the competency needs of a specific organization to a network of learning providers, experts, advisors, and other resources...both those that reside inside the organization and those from leading third party learning brands.  

Why We Founded Knoitall

Our founder, Jeff Creighton, believes that there is a better alternative to the social networks that exist today...one in which you can log in, and in 15 minutes, leave a better you.  We understand that learning has to occur "just-in-time", when every person is ready for the learning to occur.

Our team has a passion for building a network around the key stakeholders involved in the development of every user. We set out to build a completely open and organic platform where seamless connections can occur to improve learning outcomes.

We thank you so much for visiting this page, and we hope that you will become an active member of our community.  Please provide us feedback on how we can improve your experience. Email us at improve-my-experience@knoitall.com.

This is our page and contains resources  to help you become familiar with the services we offer to consumers, learning providers, and organizations. 


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