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One-on-One Educational Advising for Two Hours


Online - Advising


1 session(s)  2 Hours

$ 119.00



Potentially save thousands of dollars over the cost of a typical degree Save up to one year in completion time towards your degree through transcript assessment and review of work experience and other learning experiences


Are you thinking about starting or completing your associate's, bachelor's or master's degree? Do you need help selecting the best college or university, focused on your goals, background and skills? Do you want to look at less expensive degrees and get credit for your life/work experience? Educational advising can help you sort out the confusing steps to getting started in a degree plan. The service can include:
  • Assessment of Background and Skills
  • Transcript evaluation
  • Overview of online and on-campus options; ways to save time and cost off a degree plan; aligning college major to career goals.
This type of educational planning is typically priced at over $500, and you are getting access to the most qualified adult education advisors in the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing 2 hours of One-on-one educational advising. Once you registered, you will be contacted by one of our advisors to schedule the session.



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EduPlan provides one-on-one educational advising and financial aid advising to adult learners.  Services may include:

  • Assessment of Background and Skills
  • Transcript evauation on former college credits
  • Military evaluation
  • Overview of online or on-campus colleges, based on goals, background and skills
  • cost and time comparisons of several programs

Financial advising will help make the most of tuition assistance, consolidate student loan programs and help with scholarship and grant resources.


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