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Selling and marketing on instagram

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Tools and tips for how to be successful when using a social media platform to market and sell products. 


Using Instagram to sell merchandise can be a very effective tool, you just have to know how to use it. Whatever you’re selling whether it is jewelry, clothing, bathing suits, etc., the visual aspect is the first most important. If you can present a clean and professional looking page with pictures that clearly display the products you’re trying to sell, while also including a link to your website in your Instagram bio helps to make you and your company look professional. If it looks like you took the time to make your page  look professional consistently throughout, it enhances the companies validity in the eyes of the customer and  people will be more inclined to buy. The second most important aspect is finding people to promote your product through their instagrams too. This is a very effective tool when your first starting off to market your product and bring people in to your page. The best way to approach strategy  is to find other instagrams who promote or tag similar products to yours and look at the people who like & comment on their pictures and the people who follow or tag that account (looked at the pages tagged photos). Once you find someone who looks like they’d enjoy your product based off of their personal Instagram, for example, if your product is swimsuits and you find a girl who’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her in swim suits, she’d be a good person to reach out to. Simply comment on one of their pictures or send them a direct message saying you’d love for them to try out and promote your product on their page by posting and tagging  your company in the pictures they upload with your product.  In return present them with an offer that is mutually beneficial such as  giving them a discount code of maybe 50-100% that’s redeemable at checkout; depending on the price of the product and cost of materials to make it. They want to feel like their receiving something just as good in return for free marketing and who doesn’t like free or hugely discounted products? If they like it, they will tell their friends to go check you out and eventually they will start buying products full price and you’ll have more people promoting your products  for free if it’s something they love. Social media can be an extremely effective way of marketing and selling your products and this strategy of finding reps to promote for a discounted price on your products is the best way of doing this. If you have a good group of promoters that avidly post and tag your page, it will bring in a lot of customers and a lot of sales. It does require you putting in the time to post on a regular basis, typically 5-7 days a week because once again that makes you look reliable and legitimate to followers. Encourage your followers and reps to be interactive, and be interactive with your followers. Create contests like giving out a free product to whoever can take a picture of themselves with/in your product in the most scenic location that week. Social media is a very interactive platform, but it requires sellers to be interactive as well. People like to feel acknowledged and special. Some companies like to do this by creating a separate Instagram just for their reps and ambassadors where they are posted and tagged. This makes them feel important and also helps them to interact with other ambassadors or reps for your company. So to break it all down into simpler terms, the best way to market and sell any product using a platform like Instagram requires first a reliable and professional looking page with good pictures of your product and a link included in your bio of where they can look at and purchase your products to enhance your companies legitimacy. Secondly, find and create a network of people to market and promote your product through their pages by simply reaching out by commenting or sending a direct message to avid instagram users with a good following (1000+ followers) that you feel would enjoy your product and offer them a discount or free product in return. And thirdly be interactive and present on your page by posting 5-7 times a week, creating contests for your followers to participate in, and if you have a good amount of ambassadors, create a separate account to post pictures and tag them. Creating a reliable product is only half of what makes this selling tool effective; but forming a relationship with your customers and followers is just as, if not more important. People talk, and reviews spread like wildfire so just ensure that you give people various reasons to say nothing but good things about you and your company. I hope this can help some of you with if you’re thinking about using Instagram as a platform to market and sell your products. I’ve had personal experience working closely with companies that use this strategy to promote and sell products and I’ve been very successful with it.


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Hey everyone! Welcome to my classroom. I’m currently working as the social media/ marketing manager for SunnyCoClothing. I can help you to become an expert at making sales and learning how to market/advertise your business on various social media platforms by teaching you how to find things like your pertinant target audience, appropriate profile aesthetic, how to build a following and keep them engaged, and other skills that will help you to learn what customers look for in a business on different social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) so that your business can reach its maximum potential and thrive.  


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