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Use blogging to enhance your SEO Strategies

Abbott Communications

Face-to-Face - Class or Seminar


1 session(s)  1 Hours

$ 50.00



Learn how to blog to enhance readership and revenues Use blogging to target specific SEO strategies


If you are looking to start a blog, or if you already have a blog but want to increase followers and revenues, I can help. By the end of this session, you'll know what the experts know about how to write effective blog posts to enhance your brand and, subsequently, revenues.

I split this session into two 30 minute blocks.  As part of this session you will provide me with three writing examples; either blog posts that you have created or samples of your writing to attract a specific audience. 

I will review these and then will meet with you online to provide my critique and recommendations for improvement.  I will provide very specific tools and writing guidelines to help you improve the effectiveness of your blogging


Abbott Communications

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SEO copywriter and novelist


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