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Johns Hopkins School of Engineering

EP graduate degree programs give engineering professionals a chance to become expert in a new and fast growing field, to become more competitive, or to achieve at the highest levels of their profession. Whatever your career goals, EP's large number of master's graduate degree programs and advanced certificates means you can find exactly the right program to shape your future. Courses in all programs are scheduled weekday evenings and Saturdays when working professionals have time, and are taught by EP's outstanding faculty of practicing engineers and applied scientists from the corporate world and the Applied Physics Laboratory. Take a look at the list of EP programs below, as well as our exciting new programs and growing number of online courses and programs.

Educational Offerings

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ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data preserving and restoring systems, developing risk management skills
Face-to-Face - Graduate Degree
The Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals Cybersecurity program provides students with the advanced skills they need to protect and defend information systems from attack.
Participants become proficient in ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data, in preserving and restoring systems, and in developing risk management skills. State-of-the-art computing facilities and tools are accessible either on-site or from home. Combined with knowledge from instructors who are working to fight cybersecurity threats on the front lines, the continually evolving curriculum prepares students for lasting careers in this critical field.

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  • Computers & Software: Network Engineer
  • Engineering: Aerospace
  • Engineering: Biomedical
  • Engineering: Chemical
  • Engineering: Civil
  • Engineering: Computer
  • Engineering: Electrical
  • Engineering: Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering: Health & Safety Engineering
  • Engineering: Industrial
  • Engineering: Engineering & Technology Management
  • Engineering: Manufacturing & Materials
  • Engineering: Mechanical
  • Engineering: Software
  • Engineering
  • Health & Health Care: Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Health & Health Care: Medicine
  • Health & Health Care: Other
  • Health & Health Care: Disorders & Diseases
  • Science & Math: Calculus
  • Health & Health Care: Child Health
  • Health & Health Care
  • Science & Math: Bioinformatics
  • Health & Health Care: Health Administration
  • Business: Compensation & Benefits
  • Science & Math: Sociology & Social Work
  • Science & Math: Political Science
  • Computers & Software: Security & Cybersecurity



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