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Knoitall, Inc.

Knoitall Celebrates the World's Passion for Knowledge

We provide and support a market network to enhance the lifelong development of every individual and organization.  

Fundamental to Knoitall is our understanding that every member can be both a learner and a learning provider.  We help every user build a personal learning feed that will help you grow in the areas that are important to you. Our community contains thousands of individual instructors, learning providers, and other experts who want to share what they know with their world and with ours.  

We provide a platform that supports packaging what you know so that it can be shared or sold.  Everything from our "Twitter-like" learning posts to individual tutoring, group classes, lessons, and more.  All learning formats can be listed through Knoitall and shared with others who are interested in what you teach.

Learning Engages People Better When Delivered Through a Learning Feed

We believe that social news feeds are engaging.  However, most are filled with content that doesn't enhance the development of the individual.  We are building learning feed technology that will provide the user with a constantly changing feed of learning-related content on her or his topics of interest.  Our goal is to povide the most valuable 15 minutes in a person's day.  We believe we can replace much of the wasted time in a person's day spent on other social networks, and, instead, filll that time with content that will enhance the development of every individual.  

Log in and become a better you!

Our Business Solutions

Through our business solutions, organizations leverage the Knoitall platform to engage and develop their employees and their external audience.  With Knoitall, your employees connect to people, content, and learning opportunities that enhance their engagement and lead to the development of world-class learning cultures.  The Knoitall platform maps the competency needs of a specific organization to a network of learning providers, experts, advisors, and other resources...both those that reside inside the organization and those from leading third party learning brands.  

Why We Founded Knoitall

Our founder, Jeff Creighton, believes that there is a better alternative to the social networks that exist in which you can log in, and in 15 minutes, leave a better you.  We understand that learning has to occur "just-in-time", when every person is ready for the learning to occur.

Our team has a passion for building a network around the key stakeholders involved in the development of every user. We set out to build a completely open and organic platform where seamless connections can occur to improve learning outcomes.

We thank you so much for visiting this page, and we hope that you will become an active member of our community.  Please provide us feedback on how we can improve your experience. Email us at

This is our page and contains resources  to help you become familiar with the services we offer to consumers, learning providers, and organizations. 

Educational Offerings

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Understand what the learning pyramid is and how people progress along it Learn how to build your brand by creating content within the key layers of the learning pyramid
Free Resource (Video, Article, Pod Cast or Other)
Teen, Adult

Through my experience as an instructor and observer of others, I have come to the conclusion that most people learn through a structured pyramid that I define as the learning pyramid. The essence of the pyramid is an understanding that people move from unstructured learning, which is really nothing more than information gathering around a particular topic, to the much more structured formal learning that can occur in a classroom environment over a period of months or even years. 

The vast majority of learning we obtain occurs through information gathering...either through a simple web search, a Wikipedia article, or a learning post like the ones we support through Knoitall.  The risk level is low.  This information is almost always free, and my level of engagement is low as well. More times than not we are passiveThe Learning Pyramidly collecting information to gain new skills or maintain our level of understanding around a set of skills.  

If we are truly engaged in mastering a set of skills, we will move up the pyramid towards more formal learning by engaging with a coach, participating in a class, or, we may even enroll in a certifcate or degree program to immerse oneself in the topic.  

I have observed that people don't generally start in the middle or top of the pyramid.  Instead, they progress through the pyramid on a linear path, gaining knowledge and engagement towards a greater commitment of time and money as they seek to master those skills they are most passionate about.

We can apply this thinking towards building our brands as experts in particular topics.  If you want to begin positioning yourself as an expert in a particular topic, I recommend that you start by creating a number of learning posts around that topic that show your knowledge and skill set.  Once you have created a number of learning posts and have built an audience that follows you because of your knowledge demonstrated through those posts, then you can move on to charging for greater engagement, either by listing a set of coaching sessions, a webinar, or a class.  

As you build your brand through these offerings, you may choose to move into the "Big Leagues", offering multi-day seminars or your own certification programs...those that carry real weight within the marketplace because of who you are and the expertise you have already demonstrated through your other learning opportunities that fall within the lower levels of the learning pyramid.

Good luck.



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Learn why we believe Knoitall is better platform for bloggers
Free Resource (Video, Article, Pod Cast or Other)
Child, Teen, Adult

We love Wordpress.  It's an incredible and easy-to-use platform for creating a blog and a website.  In fact, it's more than's an ecosystem, with hundreds of apps to help you extend the platform.  

But Wordpress fails in providing a true monetization platform for bloggers, and making money is always listed as one of the top reasons people start and continue to run a blog.  

The vast majority of bloggers make their money through the Amazon affiliates program and Google Adwords.  These companies give out a small percentage to bloggers for access to their audience.  

We believe there's a better solution.  We believe that many bloggers are also perceived as experts in the domain in which they blog. And we believe the best way to monetize this distinction is through packaged learning opportunities that can be sold to your audience and to others who may not currently follow you, but who may be interested in the topics that you cover.

This is why we built the Knoitall platform.  It supports a network of knowledge seekers and those who are the experts in delivering that knowledge.  For many of us, those experts are bloggers.  

The beauty of the Knoitall platform is that it combines content creation with a marketplace that allows the influencer to sell their time, either in the form of a class, one-on-one session, or through the sale of learning-related poducts.  Our tools are easy to use, and they give the blogger a framework for creating all sorts of learning opportunities that can be sold.  

And all of a blogger's resources, from learning posts to products and services for sale, are hosted in the blogger's learning center on the Knoitall platform.  

It's free to set up a learning center, and everybody who joins Knoitall gets one.  Members of our network can both share knowledge and receive knowledge from others.  This fulfills are vision of "Learn more...share more...grow together."

We hope you will join us.

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Learn your options for creating an intake form for your advising and tutoring students
Free Resource (Video, Article, Pod Cast or Other)
Teen, Adult

Many users on our platform that offer advising and tutoring require that the learner first complete an intake questionnaire prior to the first session.  Knoitall supports this requirement. In order to require an intake form, we recommend that, when you list your advising, you include the following steps:

  1. Make sure to include a description of the intake form in the "Required Items" optional field
  2.  If possible, include a link to the intake form
  3. Make sure to explain to the consumer when the form should be completed, and how you will use the information on your advising session

There are many websites that can help you create an online form for your audience.  Many of our users create a "free" form at Wufoo (  It's easy to create a form on their site and then you can provide a link to the form in the "Required Items" field when you are listing your advising offer.  

We hope this will help you help your audience.

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Learn about this new type of internet enterprise

Understand the key attributes of a market network

Find out why Knoitall is a market network

Free Resource (Video, Article, Pod Cast or Other)
Pre-teen, Teen, Adult

There's a new e-commerce model that combines components of a social network with an online marketplace where goods and services can be sold.  According to TechCrunch, "Market networks will produce a new class of unicorn companies and impact how millions of service professionals will work and earn their living."

Online marketplaces connect buyers and sellers together to transact business. A good example is Airbnb, where sellers connect with buyers to provide short term rental properties.  Airbnb provides the framework for the purchases, refunds, and placement of products within the marketplace.  Most of the interactions occur between the buyers and sellers directly, and most of the money flows between the two with Airbnb taking a commission on each sale.

Networks provide a 360 degree framework for connections between people, giving them a way to be heard, to build their following, and to discover new members.  Many times users form smaller groups within the network around mutual topics of interest.  Think Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  

It has been found that a few of the key social networking components enhance the buying and selling experience of marketplaces, and, when built into the structure of a marketplace, create a market network where people connect with one another, share comments, provide feedback on offerings, and create communities around product and service categories that interest them.  In turn, these communities are maintained through notifications feeds that maintain those connections and award members for contributions made to the network.

The foundational component to most successful social networks is the news or activity feed, where the user has a constantly updated list of activities, news, photos, and connections.  It's the "real-time" nature of the activity feed that creates the desire within the user to return multiple times a day to stay current on updates from the community members within my personal network.

Take this approach to a marketplace, and what you have is a product or services activity feed that is constantly being updated as my personal network adds content.  If I choose to follow other members, I am notified when these updates take place.  The beauty of this approach within a marketplace is that we've moved the buying process from a  pull activity where the buyer only comes into the marketplace when they are interested in a product to a push technology where they are updated whenever those that they follow add new products or services that may interest them.  

Think about the physical store that puts the "hot" selling item in the very back of the store, requiring you to walk through the aisles to get the items you are searching for.  Within the online world, it's difficult to replicate this approach.  But if you allow me to update you and drive you back to your "live" product activity feed, I'm performing this same function in the digital world.

Instagram is a social network that connects buyers and sellers together in unique ways. We have a bathing suit company in our co-working space that has over 350,000 followers on Instagram.  Every time the Company posts pictures of a new bathing suit, the message is received by 350,000 people.  The actual transactions occur outside of Instagram, but Instagram is the platform that connects these buyers and the seller.  

Knoitall is a market network.  We provide a platform for anyone to share or sell what they know.  We do this by building out and supporting a unique e-commerce platform designed for the sale of online and face-to-face tutoring, classes, and products.  But we do this in the context of helping people discover new learning opportunities from a community of learning providers that they choose to follow within the network. 

Building community into the buying and selling process at Knoitall begins with a user registration process that allows the user to identify areas of interest from over 400 topics.  Once a learning map is created for the user, we connect the user to learning providers within the network that have created learning-related content within those topical areas.  

Like other social networks, the foundation of Knoitall is a "Learning Activity Feed" that is updated each time a provider I follow adds new learning opportunities into the marketplace.  These opportunities can be free resources, or learning products and services for sale.  These "for sale" items can be purchased directly through the user activity feed.

Knoitall has a foundational belief that everyone can be both a consumer and provider of learning content.  We all have at least one thing we can teach others about.  And we each have areas where we can grow.  This understanding lends itself to a market network approach that builds community on both sides of the marketplace.  

Over the next few years we believe market networks will continue to exploit existing verticals in new ways.  We hope to support the learning vertical in ways that will enhance the lives of our members by increasing their revenues through the sale of learning, and their growth personally and professionally in those areas of interest.



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