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The cornerstone of RTB Services is Training & Instructional Design.  As a coach, trainer and curriculum developer, my professional experience dovetails smoothly into our current offerings.  RTB Services was formed in 2003 to facilitate business professionals’ effectiveness and productivity while increasing contentment and enjoyment.  My motivation centers around building professional relationships that promote trust, respect, integrity and fun.

I began in Customer Service directly out of college and worked in the industry for several years before pursuing graduate education in the field of Training and Organizational Development.  I completed a Master of Business Education in the early ‘90s, expecting to be a stand-up trainer within a corporation.  At that time, instructor-led training was the primary form of training.

I accepted a position as an instructional designer at Arthur Andersen in Chicago.  After my tenure at Andersen, I worked for Waste Management as an instructional designer in the sales training department before moving to a sales and customer service training company, Corporate Dynamics.   During a ten-year stretch at Corporate Dynamics, I  developed expertise in Organizational Development, completed courses in Change Management at Benedictine University, and facilitated many service, sales, and coaching sessions for CDI clients.

Educational Offerings

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Mission and Vision and Passion Statements, Core values Life, money, and career priorities Life, money and career map Career objectives and options
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Online - Advising
RTB Services helps individuals with life and career planning. From a perspective of been there, done that and still doing it, Michelle helps individuals carve out their unique life and work path that makes sense, provides focus and leaves the client feeling purposeful, directed and organized. To articulate mission and define vision can be a stimulating and powerful experience. Using that knowledge to create and then work a plan allows individuals to achieve goals in life. RTB Services will work within the best timetable for you.
Outcomes: RTB Services works with individuals to develop the following:
  • Mission, Vision and Passion Statements
  • Core values
  • Life, money, and career priorities
  • Life, money and career map
  • Career objectives and options

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  • Business: Career Planning, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Education: Instructional Design



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