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UC Berkeley Extension Programs for Corporate and Professional Training

The cornerstone of any successful business is a workforce of well-trained, efficient employees. Busy professionals benefit from in-depth training to hone their current skills and become fluent in emerging trends and technologies, without a substantial time investment. UC Berkeley Extension's Corporate and Professional Programs are designed to create engaged, productive employees in a format that meets your company's needs, time frame and budget—giving you a competitive industry advantage.

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understanding the biopharmaceutical industry.
Face-to-Face - Class or Seminar

Get a detailed picture of all aspects of the complex and highly interrelated activities involved in bringing a pharmaceutical discovery to approval and market. Although the focus is on pharmaceuticals, seminar discussions also integrate biologics, diagnostics and devices. This course is designed for executives, disciplinary experts who wish to broaden and advance their careers, nontechnical professionals, investors, and others interested in fully understanding the biopharmaceutical industry.Class discussions are guided by experts with years of hands-on experience with large and small pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related companies. Seminar topics include industry environment, discovery and pharmacology, chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC), toxicology, pharmacokinetics, program management, Federal Drug Administration (FDA) inspections, biologics, assays and devices, clinical trial design and conduct, clinical trial statistics, pharmacogenomics, FDA compliance regulations, patents and intellectual property, and commercial development.

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  • Business: Management & Leadership
  • Business: Financial Management & Budgets
  • Business: Venture Capital
  • Business: Strategy & Risk
  • Education: Knoitall
  • Business: Creativity & Innovation
  • Science & Math
  • Business: Career Planning, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Health & Health Care: Alcohol & Drugs
  • Business: Compliance: Diversity
  • Business: Human Resources: Emotional Intelligence



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