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Vado is an e-learning content provider offering bite sized, mobile learning.

Research shows that 70% of development happens on the job, and Vado is the only off the shelf e-learning courseware provider that helps the learner apply learning on the job through step by step instructions and exercises. 

The combination of short videos followed by step by step instructions, help learners put into practice the learning they just completed, which means organization leaders are confident that the transition from learning to application on the job actually happens, and organization capabilities are increased.

Designed specifically with the mobile learner in mind, Vado users are able to review the course content and perform the development exercise when and where they want. Whether it's at their desk, across the hall, or in a totally different location—the Vado course is ready whenever and wherever the learner is ready.

Educational Offerings

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Individuals improve productivity by learning how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Individuals will improve their on-the-job writing skills, including creating clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, procedures and technical reports.
 5.5 Hours
Online - Certificate
Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit will improve productivity by teaching how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Learners will improve their on-the-job writing skills—writing clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, procedures, trip reports, and technical reports. The WGTD® Toolkit helps learners know how to: • Clarify thoughts before writing. • Separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs. • Use the inverted-pyramid principle of organization. • Use a listing paragraph format to highlight key ideas. • Use the language of getting things done vs. business speak. • Develop a professional tone that encourages cooperation. • Use our three models of organization for all business writing/emails. • Write technical information to non-technical people

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While it is true that the organization and your boss have a responsibility to create a great work situation for you, it’s also true that you have a responsibility as well. You are responsible for taking action and doing the right things that will help you grow in your career and create a great work situation for yourself. If something isn’t going well, a great question to ask is “What can I do to make it better?” The You and Your Boss courseware is all about developing a great relationship with your boss, and strengthening your ability to facilitate productive conversations with him or her. When you are able to ask for feedback, talk about how you support the organization’s vision and strategy, as well as discuss your work-life balance needs, you will find that you have a stronger work situation for yourself now as well as in the future.
 2.5 Hours
Online - Certificate
Individuals build their relationship with their boss to receive the right level of feedback and coaching for success. This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: 1. Feedback for Great Results Identify the areas you need feedback on to deliver great results 2. Ask Your Boss for Feedback Ask your boss for feedback on your performance 3. Support the Company Mission and Vision Talk with your boss regarding how your actions & behaviors support the company mission and values 4. Discuss Your Work-Life Balance Needs Meet with your boss to discuss your work/life balance needs 5. Recognizing Your Boss for Personal Achievements Recognize your boss for his or her contribution to the team’s achievements & your individual success Additional Courses These courses are part of the Being a Business Professional Learning Track. If you’d like to add to your development experience, consider selecting additional titles from this Learning Track: • Basic Business Skills • Personal Behaviors and Conduct • You and Your Boss  

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