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The Problem
Interactive Marketing is changing the way business is done and learning new marketing skills is imperative for survival in this internet based global economy.
Learning new interactive marketing skills can be a huge challenge due to lack of specialized training schools, unreliable information floating on the web, and boring PowerPoint slideshows.
Information overload on the web has created a new scarcity of reliable, specialized, fact based expert training.
The Solution
To that end, we have created an Online Learning Environment that delivers internet marketing training using highly engaging e-learning tutorials by bringing the best instructors together and using video as the primary method of delivering marketing training.

Educational Offerings

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​The Content Marketing Certification is a self-paced training program created for attendees who are looking for a more hands-on project based training at their own pace. You will learn how to implement critical Content Marketing elements taught in the video trainings with our expert mentors. You will also receive 6 (30 minutes each) mentoring calls to guide you along the way.
Online - Certificate
What is it?
A Self-Paced, On-Demand Content Marketing Certification training where you will learn the ins and outs of Content Marketing through our on-demand training classes, custom hands-on project, quizzes and more. You get 12 months of unlimited access and is 100% online!

How does it Work?
Watch the training videos, complete the quizzes, and submit an independent project. You also get 6 mentoring calls (for 30 minutes each) while you work on your certification. Once you have submitted all the work, you will receive a certificate of achievement to demonstrate that you have become a certified Content Marketing strategist.

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$ 300.00

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  • Business: Presentations and Presentation Skills
  • Business: Social Media
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Business: Marketing: Advertising


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