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As the leading education services company, Pearson is serious about evolving how the world learns. We apply our deep education experience and research, invest in innovative technologies, and promote collaboration throughout the education ecosystem. Real change is our commitment and its results are delivered through connecting capabilities to create actionable, scalable solutions that improve access, affordability, and achievement.

Educational Offerings

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Develop skills you can use on the job immediately, including business and communications. Obtain Associate’s Degree, transferrable to most regionally accredited schools in the US. Incur no out-of-pocket costs once accepted into program or debt as a result of this education. Prepare yourself for workplace advancement opportunities in the future.
 2 Years
Online - Undergraduate Degree
Teen, Adult

This program is designed to help working adults obtain an Associate’s degree in an affordable manner through our online program delivered via a regionally accredited college. Unlike traditional Associate degree programs, you will work one-on-one with an assigned advisor who will support and encourage your success throughout your entire experience with us. Current areas of study include:

  • Associate of Arts: As a student in the program, you’ll be able to choose electives that align with your interests and career goals. Depending upon your selection, you can progress into baccalaureate programs such as psychology, sociology, English, history, fine arts, communications, or other fields in the arts disciplines.
  • Associate of Criminal Justice: This program is designed to arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in local, state, and federal agencies. It’s also structured to support your transfer to a four-year, degree-granting institution. Course topics include Criminal Investigation, Crisis Intervention, and Homeland Security.
  • Associates of Business Management: You can develop the practical knowledge and skills important for success in various business-related roles: finance, marketing, operations, communications, accounting, and human resources, just to name a few. Course topics include Interpersonal Communications, Organizational Behavior, and Principles of Management.
  • Associates in Early Childhood Education: This degree is your first step in building a foundation for success in the world of childcare. You will focus on important topics in early childhood, such as development, learning assessment, special learners, and instructional strategy.

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  • Business: Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll
  • Business: Critical & Analytical Thinking
  • Business: Procurement
  • Business: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
  • Business: Process Improvement
  • Business: Negotiations
  • Business: Adaptability
  • Business: Administration
  • Business: Learning & Development
  • Business: Analytics
  • Business: Management & Leadership
  • Business: Green Technologies
  • Business: Decision Making
  • Business: Vendor Management
  • Business: Facilitation
  • Business: Career Planning, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Business: Succession Planning
  • Business: Integrity
  • Business: Creativity & Innovation
  • Business: Interviewing, Recruiting & Retention
  • Business: Contracts
  • Business: Meeting & Event Planning
  • Business: Insurance
  • Business: Real Estate, Appraisal & Property
  • Business: Media Buying
  • Business: Communications, Public Speaking & Public Relations
  • Business: Written Communications
  • Business: Presentations and Presentation Skills
  • Business: Construction
  • Business: Finance: Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Business: Customer Service
  • Business: Economics
  • Business: Channel Management
  • Business: Hiring & Firing Employees
  • Business: Sales & Selling: Ecommerce
  • Business: Ethics
  • Business: Client Relationship Management
  • Business: Finance: Debt Management
  • Business: Fraud Dection & Control
  • Business: Finance: Financial Systems, Processes & Technology
  • Business: Financial Management & Budgets
  • Business: Finance: CFA & CFP
  • Business: Human Resources: Managing Conflict & Change
  • Business: Human Resources: Emotional Intelligence
  • Business: Six Sigma
  • Business: Finance: Credit Management
  • Business: Investing & Wealth Creation
  • Business: Boards of Directors
  • Business: Human Resources: Talent Management
  • Business: Human Resources: Recruitment & Retention
  • Business: Venture Capital
  • Business: Finance: Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business: Resource Planning
  • Business: Compensation & Benefits
  • Business: Human Resources: Discipline & Termination
  • Business: Human Resources: Managing Performance
  • Business: Systems Thinking
  • Business: Human Resources: Labor/Management Relations
  • Business: Human Resources: Organization Development
  • Business: Networking
  • Business: Corporate Governance
  • Business: Finance: Cash & Cost Management
  • Business: Productivity & Time Management
  • Business: Human Resources: Policies & Procedures
  • Business: Machining
  • Business: Business Plan Development
  • Business: Human Resources: Diversity & Intercultural Competency
  • Business: Human Resources: Compliance
  • Business: Human Resources: Social Responsibility
  • Business: International Business & Globalization
  • Business: Information Technology
  • Business: Social Media
  • Business: Teamwork
  • Business: Sales & Selling: Selling Techniques
  • Business: Sustainability
  • Business: Coaching
  • Business: Manufacturing
  • Business: Marketing: Market Research
  • Business: International: International Relations
  • Business: Nonprofit
  • Business: Project Management
  • Business: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Business: Strategy & Risk
  • Business: Compliance: Sexual Harassment
  • Business: Compliance: Confidentiality
  • Business: Compliance: Diversity
  • Business: Compliance: Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Business: Compliance: Workplace Harassment
  • Business: Compliance: International Operations
  • Business: Compliance: Record Management
  • Business: Compliance: Unions
  • Business: Compliance: Anti-Corruption
  • Business: Compliance: Sarbanes Oxley
  • Business: Compliance: Pharmaceutical
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft: Sharepoint
  • Computers & Software: Applications Integration
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft: Project
  • Computers & Software: Enterprise Applications
  • Computers & Software: Infrastructure Integration
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft Excel
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft: Word
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft: Outlook
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft: Access
  • Computers & Software: Microsoft: Windows
  • Computers & Software: Device Management
  • Computers & Software: Network Engineer
  • Computers & Software: Operating Systems
  • Computers & Software: C Programming
  • Computers & Software: Programming Languages: C#
  • Computers & Software: Security & Cybersecurity
  • Computers & Software: HTML, HTML5, XHTML & XML
  • Education: Teaching & Curriculum
  • Education: GED
  • Education: Knoitall
  • Engineering: Health & Safety Engineering
  • Engineering: Software
  • Health & Health Care: Firefighting, Paramedic & Emergency
  • Health & Health Care: Gerontology
  • Health & Health Care: Nursing
  • History: China
  • Legal Studies: Business Law
  • Science & Math: Statistics & Probability
  • Science & Math: Sociology & Social Work
  • Testing & Test Prep: GED & General Education Development Text
  • Testing & Test Prep: Nursing & NCLEX
  • Education: Degree Completion



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